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December 2018

What does white hat mean? 651 533 seoaha

What does white hat mean?

White hat S.E.O. is the term used to describe a manner which follows the guidelines of major search engines to achieve better search rankings ethically. 

It’s opposite is black hat, think a magicians hat. Black hat is often used as a hacker term to refer to using automated methods or cheating the system. 

Most SEO vendors online are actually using black hat method in some way whether they are aware or not. If you look at any major online marketing services you will find sellers promising page 1 rankings quickly for $100. While you might rank quickly it will only be briefly before Google penalizes your site wiping it off their search results completely.

Here at SEO Aha, we only use the latest white hat seo methods on behalf of our clients.

Do Press Releases Work for SEO? 651 533 prophecy

Do Press Releases Work for SEO?

Finding out that you can do your own press releases through companies like PR Newswire or PR Web can be a game changer for any business. In the past Press Releases carried heavy weight in the Search Engine Optimization game but now it’s not always enough.

Google’s A.I. likes to see events on your website occur at a natural pace. Press releases create several backlinks all at once. To accompany your press releases with a natural white-hat backlink strategy would strengthen your efforts.

Do I Need Backlinks To Rank My Site In Google? 651 533 prophecy

Do I Need Backlinks To Rank My Site In Google?

In order to do SEO without link building, certain requirements need to be met first. For instance if you want to rank for a highly specific long tail keyword and there is minimal competition then perhaps with just on-page SEO you may easily rank.

However in a more competitive scenario (which is now most cases) backlinks may be necessary.

Be sure to use white-hat methodology when building your backlink profile. Poor backlinks can have a damaging and lasting effect on your website’s performance in the top search engines.